Friday, December 22, 2017

Winter Car Care Vehicle Maintenance Tips

BAY CITY, Mich. –– Michigan winters can be tough on us, the roads, and our vehicles. Freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and road salt all take their toll on cars and it's important to prepare your vehicle for the winter. We suggest bringing your vehicle into our Graff Bay City Service Center to get some seasonal maintenance work done like getting your brakes, tires, windshield wipers, and batteries checked and replaced if need be. Getting an oil change this time of year is a great idea as well. Following our Winter Car Care vehicle maintenance tips can help ensure your vehicle will be able to perform in top condition, handle well on the icy roads, and avoid the possibility of breaking down. Read on to learn the importance of taking care of your vehicle this winter!

Winter Car Care Vehicle Maintenance Tips

On our new Winter Car Care Page, you’ll find tips on –
  • Brakes: Your vehicle's brakes keep you safe through every season, but during the winter they are especially important. In winter weather it can take your vehicle a longer distance to break on snow and ice, so making sure your brakes work properly is key. You don't want to be the car that slides through an intersection or into a ditch. Follow the link to read more about your brakes.
  • Tires: Find out why it’s important to understand the value winter tires offer. Winter tires are designed to handle winter roads specifically, and with the roads being slushy and icy, the thicker treads will help keep you from sliding around. Click the link to learn more about winter tires.
  • Oil Changes: Your engine’s performance depends on regular oil changes, and when your oil is changed on a regular basis, you help extend the life of your vehicle. In the winter, it’s particularly important to keep up with oil changes because the frigid temperatures can have a negative effect on the oil, making it less effective at keeping your engine components from overheating and warping. For a list of signs your vehicle needs an oil change, follow the link.
  • Wiper Blades: You need a clear view to drive in any season, but your vehicle's wiper blades become especially important in the winter due to debris from snow, salt, and ice. Harsh winter conditions can wear on your wiper blades, so click the link to find out how to know if you need to replace your wiper blades.
  • Batteries: In general, car batteries normally last around two to three years. However, freezing temperatures can be hard on your battery life and make it more difficult to start your engine in the morning after a cold night. So, it’s crucial to be aware of your vehicle's battery life and replace it when necessary. Learn more about your car battery by clicking the link.
We hope you consider following our Winter Car Care vehicle maintenance tips, as they will help keep you safe on the road and likely save you money in the long run on costly repairs. If you're still worried about you and your passenger's well being out on the road, we recommend reading up on Chevrolet's new advanced safety features available on most new 2018 Chevy models. Features like the Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist Technology, Forward Safety Awareness, and more can help make driving a much safer endeavor.

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