Friday, January 29, 2016

Winter Vehicle Maintenance & Car Care Tips at Graff Bay City

Winter Vehicle Maintenance and Car Care Tips at Graff Bay City

BAY CITY, Mich. – At Graff Bay City, we understand that buying or leasing a vehicle is a big investment, and it’s important to keep that investment in tip-top shape. With winter in full swing now, there are many damaging elements that can impact the condition of your vehicle – think salt, snow, and frigid temperatures. If you haven’t yet taken any precautions to prepare your vehicle for the winter season, it’s time for some proper winter vehicle maintenance! On our website, we have just launched a new service section just for you, covering winter car care tips and vehicle maintenance at Graff Bay City. These best practices will help you keep your car running better and longer for seasons to come!

On our new Winter Car Care Page, you’ll find tips on –
  • Tires: Find out why it’s important to understand the value winter tires offer. Winter tires are designed to handle winter roads specifically, and with the roads being slushy and icy, the thicker treads will help keep you from sliding around. Click the link to learn more about winter tires.
  • Batteries: In general, car batteries normally last around two to three years. However, freezing temperatures can be hard on your battery life, so it’s crucial to be aware of your vehicle's battery life and replace it when necessary. Learn more about your car battery by clicking the link.
  • Brakes: Your vehicle's brakes keep you safe through every season, but during the winter they are especially important. In winter weather it can take your vehicle a longer distance to break on snow and ice, so making sure your brakes work properly is key. Follow the link to read more about your brakes.
  • Oil Changes: Your engine’s performance depends on regular oil changes, and when your oil is changed on a regular basis, you help extend the life of your vehicle. In the winter, it’s particularly important to keep up with oil changes because the fridgid temperatures can have an effect on the oil. For a list of signs your vehicle needs an oil change, follow the link.
  • Wiper Blades: You need a clear view to drive in any season, but your vehicle's wiper blades become especially important in the winter due to debris from snow, salt, and ice. Harsh winter conditions can wear on your wiper blades, so click the link to find out how to know if you need to replace your wiper blades.

Winter weather and the driving conditions it creates can take a serious toll on your car if you’re not properly prepared. To ensure that your vehicle will keep you safe and sound all season long, visit our Graff Bay City winter car care and vehicle maintenance pages for more information. Each page will provide you with the best winter car care tips for your tires, battery, brakes, oil changes, and wiper blades. If you’d like to schedule a service appointment for help on any of these topics, you can do that too. We’re always ready to help you at Graff Bay City.

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