Thursday, September 20, 2012

Auto Tips for Fall & Winter

Auto Tips for Fall & Winter

BAY CITY Mich., - With the official start of Fall this Saturday, we're already feeling the temperature drop. If we're feeling it, our cars are too, which means it's time to review some Auto Tips for Fall & Winter that will keep your ride in tip top shape for those trips to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch!

1. Fix Your Paint:
That small scratch or paint chip will rust right over if you don't fix it before the seasons change.  Sometimes it takes only 30 days for a scratch to begin rusting and salt and cold temperatures only accelerate the process. If you're not sure how to fix it on your own, visit the Graff Chevrolet Bay City Body Shop and we’ll fix it for you!

2. Check Your Tires:
Now is the time to replace worn tires! Fall and Winter can present some tricky driving conditions so make sure your tires have enough traction. You may even want to think about getting snow tires or chains for your vehicle, depending on the weather. We have great Tire Discounts for your Fall & Winter driving! Consider having your tires rotated and brakes checked as well at Graff's Brake Service Center.

3. Have An Emergency Kit:
ALWAYS keep an emergency kit in your car. Inside this kit you should have jumper cables, a warm blanket, gloves, an extra coat, a flashlight with batteries, road flares, water and some type of nutrition bar.  Make sure you have a cell phone that is fully charged and even having a map of the area you’re in would be a good idea too.

4. Make Sure You Have Clear Visibility:
Make sure your windshield wipers are in good working condition and that your windshield fluid is full to prevent visibility issues during a storm. A de-icing spray and a ice scraper are also two staples that you should always have in your car during Fall and Winter.

Auto Tips for Fall & Winter
The weather is already changing so make sure you take the time to put these Auto Tips for Fall & Winter to use to keep your car in great condition and more importantly keep you safe! Your Mid-Michigan Chevy Dealer is located at 3636 Wilder Road, Bay City, MI 48706. For more information on Graff Bay City, or for any questions call us at (989) 684-4411 or visit our website at

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