Thursday, December 10, 2015

Winter Weather Driving Tips

Winter Weather Driving Tips
BAY CITY, Mich.- The first official day of Winter is still over a week away, but we want to prepare you before that bad weather hits! Driving in snow, ice, and freezing rain is never enjoyable, and can be extremely dangerous. So if you have commitments that you have to attend and can't stay home during a winter storm, remember these Winter Weather Driving Tips to stay safe this season!

Winter Weather Driving Tips:

1. Drive slowly since maneuvering on snow-covered roads take much longer than when you are driving on dry pavement. Give yourself extra time to maneuver by slowing down.

2. Again, drive slowly. Everything, including accelerating and decelerating, takes longer in winter weather so to avoid skids and regain traction, accelerate slowly. Also make sure to begin decelerating early since it takes longer to slow down on on snow-covered roads.

3. Rather than giving yourself 3-4 seconds to the car in front of you as you would on dry pavement, increase that distance to 8-10 seconds so that you have extra time should you have to stop or maneuver abruptly.

4. Slamming on your brakes in winter weather can be especially dangerous which it why it's important to drive slowly. But, when you do need to suddenly stop on a snow-covered road, threshold braking is the best method. Just keep the heel of your foot on the floor and apply firm, steady pressure to the brake with the ball of your foot.

5. Hills covered in ice or snow can be difficult to navigate in the winter, since trying to increase your speed as you head uphill can make your wheels spin. Instead, try to get some inertia before you reach the hill and then allow the inertia to carry you up.

6. While you're driving up the hill, avoid stopping if you can since trying to accelerate from a stop while on an incline can be problematic.

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