Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vehicle Warning Light Explanations

Vehicle Warning Light Explanations
BAY CITY, Mich.- Whether you've been driving for 5 years or 75 years, there's probably been a time when one of your Vehicle's Warning Lights turned on. Chances are you probably wondered what that vehicle warning light meant and whether or not you you really needed to get your vehicle serviced. Well, your Mid-Michigan Chevy Dealer has a full review of all of your basic Vehicle Warning Light Explanations covered.

Service Engine Light-
Don't panic. If your Service Engine Light goes off, it usually just means that you need to maintenance your vehicle soon. So don't speed off to your local Service Garage, but you should make a service appointment as soon as you can. Once you get your vehicle serviced, the Service Engine Light will be reset.

Battery Light-
If your Battery Light goes off, you should be a little more concerned. Get your vehicle serviced right away if your Battery Light turns on and stays on, since this can mean that your vehicle's electrical system may have malfunctioned. Ignoring your Battery Warning Light, could lead to engine failure, so don't procrastinate on this one.

Check Engine Light-Your vehicle's Check Engine Light could turn on for a variety of reasons. It may be a simple mistake like not tightening your gas cap enough. But, it could also be warning you about a much more serious issue, so don't ignore it. To find out why the warning light went off, you'll need an OBD2 diagnostic tool to read the fault code. Or, you can visit Graff Bay City's Service Center and we can take figure it out for you!

Oil Warning Light-
Don't wait around if your vehicle's Oil Warning Light turns on. Get your vehicle serviced right away since this usually means that you have low oil pressure. If you ignore this warning, you may cause your engine to malfunction or worse, ruin it completely.

Coolant Warning Light-
The Coolant Warning Light is another vehicle warning light that you'll want to address immediately. This light is warning you that your coolant is low and the engine temperature has exceeded the safe maximum, causing accelerated wear on your vehicle's engine. Pull over immediately and exercise extreme caution. Do not try to open the hood if you notice steam to avoid injury.

Brake Warning Lights-All vehicles are different so your Brake Warning Light can have multiple meanings. Check your owner's manual for the exact meaning on your vehicle. However, if your vehicle is ABS-equipped you may notice an ABS Warning Light. If this warning light turns on, get your vehicle looked at right away since this indicates something is wrong with the system. Exercise even more caution if the warning light is blinking since this can mean that your brakes are dead or dying.

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