Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Volting Across America with Graff Bay City

Volting Across America with Graff Bay City
BAY CITY, Mich. – We have a big announcement and we are so excited to share the news! Graff Bay City is Volting Across America from Bay City, MI to Portland, OR and back in celebration of Graff's 100th Anniversary!

What does it mean to Volt Across America? Well, not only is Graff celebrating a huge milestone, but our loyal team member John McFarland is also celebrating his 22nd year here at Graff Bay City! John happens to be an avid traveler and so we thought what better way to celebrate both occasions than with a great ole' cross country road trip, but with a twist! John will be Volting Across America from Bay City, MI to Portland, OR and back in the fuel-efficient Chevy Volt!

Along his journey through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Washington, and then back through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois, John is going to explore all of the local sites and see in which states he is able to find charging stations for the Volt or is able to hook up the portable charger. Not only that but this cross-country trip will show us all what the Chevrolet Volt is really made of!

The journey kicks off on September 5th and we're ready to highlight his adventures along the way, so make sure you stay tuned to all of Graff Bay City's social networks! Most importantly, go follow us on Instagram at @graffbaycity so you don't miss out on all of the amazing photos and Volting Across America giveaway!

Bon Voyage John! Hank Graff Chevy is located at 3636 Wilder Road, Bay City, MI 48706 and we can help you find the perfect vehicle for your weekend getaway! For more information on Hank Graff Chevrolet, or for any questions call us at (989) 684-4411 or visit our website: www.GraffBayCity.com.

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