Thursday, April 23, 2015

Healthy, Easy Road-Trip Snack Options

Healthy, Easy Road-Trip Snack Options

BAY CITY, Mich. - Spring is finally here, even though it snowed yesterday, and that means families are gearing up to head out on the road! Whether it's visiting the grandparents across the state, or heading down to warmer weather for a nice beach vacation with the family, lower gas prices and better fuel milage on cars are making it easier for families to hit the road! Keeping yourself fed on these road trips is extremely important, and not necessarily easy. At every exit along the freeway, there are dozens of high fat, low protein food options... Well we're here to help! Here are some healthy, easy road-trip snack options

1. Apples: Apples are a GREAT source of fiber, and they are proven appetite suppressants. By munching on one or some apple slices, you'll definitely be able to calm that grumbling tummy. Heres a tip, if you want to much on apple slices but are afraid of them going brown, squeeze some lemon juice over them. The acidity prevents the apples from browning. 

2. Granola Bars: The store bought kind is fine, however they usually contain a lot of weird and unnecessary ingredients but by making your own, you can monitor the sugar levels and add your own ingredients! Try these! These are perfect for the kids, and provide a quick burst of energy! 

3. Muffins: Homemade are the best option, the store bought ones are a little gut-heavy. These look great, and here is a chocolate chip one for the kids (or adults). 

4. Veggies with Ranch Dipping Sauce: We get it, most of the time kids will only eat their veggies with some sort of dip. Try carrots, celery and red pepper with one of those made-for-travel ranch containers! 

5. Bananas: The nature made road trip snack! Filled with potassium, these will give you that last boost of energy to make it to the campsite! 

6. Turkey and Cheese Tortilla Roll Ups: This is a wonderful tasting snack that is quick and easy to assemble. The best part is you can modify the recipe to fit you or your child's preferences. This would also work with ham and cheese, blt, chicken salad, or veggie

7. Beef Jerky: Never underestimate the power of the jerky! This little snack is PACKED with protein, low in calories and will be able to handle your more carnivorous cravings! Our favorite brand is Krave Beef Jerky, with tons of different flavors, you're sure to fall in love! 

8. Cucumber and Avocado Sandwich: This hearty whole gran sandwich made with thinly sliced cucumbers, mashed avocados and light cream cheese will fill you right up! 

Now pack up your cooler and hit the road! All of these are healthy, easy road-trip snack options that everyone in your family will love. Make sure to stock up on some H2O, as well as napkins, blankets and pillows! Do you have any go-to road trip tips? Share them with us! Than stop by your Frankenmuth Area Chevy dealershipHank Graff Chevy is located at 3636 Wilder Road, Bay City, MI 48706 and we are here to help our community grow to become an even better place to call home! For more information on Hank Graff Chevrolet, or for any questions call us at (989) 684-4411 or visit our website:

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