Wednesday, September 23, 2015

1 Millionth Corvette is Restored and Back Home

1 Millionth Corvette is Restored and Back Home

BAY CITY, MI – After 1,200 man-hours, four months, a lot of sweat, and crazy attention to detail the 1 millionth Corvette is restored and back in it’s home at the National Corvette Museum.

In February 2014, the 1 millionth Corvette, along with seven other Corvettes, fell into a sinkhole that opened up in the museum’s Skydome area. Chevrolet promised to restore it because it’s important to the Corvette’s history and story.

The project was sent to the Design Center on GM’s campus in Warren, MI. There was a combination of 30 engineers and craftspeople that worked on the restoration. The most important part was to preserve as much as they could, but there was a lot of significant damage done to the car. They were fully prepared to take on the challenge though with a highly skilled team and specialty shops at their disposal.

There was a lot that needed to be done for the Corvette to look new again. The most prominent fixes were:
  • Hood, front fascia, lower panels behind the font wheels and doors were all replaced 
  • Number of ancillary parts under the hood were replaced
  • Rear fascia and front exhaust system were repaired
  • Front sub-frame was straightened out
  • Wheels were reconditioned
  • Soft cover on the instrument panel was carefully removed and replaced
  • Red leather seats were restored with a few replacement patches
One of the unexpected surprises of the restoration was what the team found under all the damaged parts. While taking the car apart they found signatures on each piece that was signed by the employees that built the Corvette 23 years ago.

After all that, we can happily say the 1 millionth Corvette is restored and looks brand new again in its rightful place at the National Corvette Museum. You can get your own Corvette at Graff Bay City today. We can also fix up your vehicle at our dealership. Our team of service techs can take care of any car repair in Bay City, MI.

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