Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The 20 Items to Have in Your Car Emergency Kit

The 20 Items to Have in Your Car Emergency Kit

BAY CITY, Mich. – Graff Bay City makes your car safety a number one priority. That’s why we’re here to tell you the 20 items to have in your car emergency kit, because cars do unfortunately break down and a lot of the time it’s unavoidable or unexpected. When it does happen you want to be prepared. The only way you can be ready for something like this is to have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Whether you have a flat tire or you need a jump, your kit will be there to help you just in case no one else is.

The 20 Items to Have in Your Car Emergency Kit
  1. First-aid kit
  2. Tools
  3. Tire gauge
  4. Reflective warning triangles
  5. Jumper cables
  6. Flashlight & batteries
  7. Gloves
  8. Rags
  9. Foam tire sealant
  10. Rain poncho
  11. Bottled water
  12. Warm blanket
  13. Duct tape
  14. Cat litter
  15. Windshield scraper
  16. Two quarts of oil
  17. Paper towel
  18. Pocket knife
  19. Funnel
  20. Tire inflator
Whether your car problem is big or small, this car emergency kit will offer some help. If you get into an accident or your car emergency is one that your kit cannot solve, make sure you call the proper authorities. After all, your safety is most important because a car can be replaced but you cannot. 

Remember by properly keeping up with your vehicle maintenance you’re less likely to get into a messy situation. With four seasons of weather in Michigan, seasonal vehicle maintenance is especially important. Schedule an appointment with our Bay City service center today. We’re happy to take care of your brakes, wipers, tires, batteries, or any other problems you may have.

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