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Know When to Get an Oil Change

BAY CITY, Mich. –– Your vehicle is very similar to the human body in that it requires a lot of working parts in order to run. Thinking of it in this way will help you to properly care for its individual components. If your vehicle's engine is its "heart", its motor oil serves as the "blood", allowing components to work efficiently and smoothly. However, your vehicle's specific components will require replacement over time. If you know when to get your oil changed, you can keep your vehicle's "heart" running for years to come. Read on to learn how to check your oil, when you'll need to get it changed, and more!

When should I get my oil changed?

Know When to Get an Oil Change

Oil change intervals can differ between vehicles. Older vehicles may require an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles, while newer vehicles may need it every 5,000-8,000 miles. Depending on the type of oil your vehicle takes, these numbers can differ. If you aren't sure when your oil needs to be changed or the type of oil your vehicle uses, consult your owner's manual. You can use it as a service log to keep track of routine maintenance so you'll know when you need to schedule future oil changes!

How do I check my oil?

Know When to Get an Oil Change

Before you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, you can check it at home with a few easy steps! Checking your oil is an important skill all vehicle owners should know. It will help you determine when you should schedule service and can help if you forgot when you last received an oil change. Follow these steps to check your oil at home:

  1. After turning off your vehicle and allowing your engine to cool down, pop your vehicle's hood.
  2. Look for your engine's dipstick. It should be a yellow lever similar to the one in the image above.
  3. Pull the dipstick out of your engine and wipe it on a cloth, removing any excess oil.
  4. Reinsert the dipstick into your engine, removing it again.
  5. Your dipstick will have "full" and "empty" labels on it. If your oil level is below the "empty" label, it's time for an oil change! 

What are the signs that I need my oil changed?

Know When to Get an Oil Change

Consequently, there are also several signs that your vehicle can give you if you need an oil change. If you notice any of these indicators, bring your vehicle in for an oil change right away! Pay attention to these signs while you drive to find out whether or not you need an oil change:

  • Your Engine Oil Looks Dark: When you first get your oil changed, it will be a honey brown color. After a while, it will darken, but if you check your oil and it looks black and grimy, it's time to schedule an appointment for service.
  • Your Engine Is Running Louder Than Usual: If you have low oil levels, your engine can begin to make unusual noises and can run louder than normal. If you notice this or your engine's heat starts to increase, get your oil changed right away!
  • Your Check Engine Light Stays On: Newer vehicles usually provide notification to their drivers if their vehicle needs an oil replacement. However, older vehicles notify their drivers through the Check Engine light. Schedule an appointment right away when your Check Engine light illuminates!
  • You Find Particles In Your Oil: The next time you check your oil, wear latex gloves and rub the oil between your finger and thumb. If you feel any metal flakes, grit, or other particles, something could be severely wrong with your engine. Bring it in as soon as possible!

What happens if I don't change my oil?

Know When to Get an Oil Change

Ignoring your vehicle's need to change oil can lead to serious consequences. Your engine's oil works to keep its components running smoothly, allowing it to run without any issue. Without it these parts can rub against one another, causing friction and increasing your engine's heat. If your engine's heat increases, several important components in your engine can become damaged or warped. This can lead to extremely costly repairs and can potentially ruin your engine. Don't forget to regularly check your oil and replace it when needed!

How much does an oil change cost?

Know When to Get an Oil Change

Depending on the make, model, and type of oil your vehicle requires, costs can vary anywhere between $20-55. Some larger vehicles require more oil, and vehicles that require synthetic oil can affect the cost, as well. Call us today for a free estimate and make sure to check out our coupons to save some extra cash on your next oil change! 

Routine maintenance is a significant part of vehicle ownership. In order to protect your investment and make sure that your vehicle enjoys a long and productive life, knowing when to get an oil change can make a huge difference in your vehicle's future. Save big on your next oil change by using our maintenance coupons. You'll be able to find discounts on oil changes, tire service, battery replacements, and much more! You can set up your next service appointment without leaving your couch by scheduling it online or calling us at (989) 684-4411. Let us know if you have any questions or if you need anything looked at and we can help you as soon as possible!

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