Wednesday, October 11, 2017

9 Adorable Costumes for Your Pets

BAY CITY, Mich. – According to a study conducted by the National Retail Federation, almost 20% of Americans celebrating Halloween will be dressing their pets up this year. Are you planning on taking your furry friends trick-or-treating? If so, you should give these 9 adorable costumes for your pets a try! You'll hear plenty of "aww"s no matter where you trick-or-treat with these cute and creative costumes.

1. Pumpkin

9 Adorable Costumes for Your Pets

Get your furry friend in the Halloween spirit this October with a pumpkin costume! This crowd-pleaser is perfect for family get-togethers, trick-or-treating, and everything Halloween!

Best Worn By: Smaller dogs

Where to Find It: Check on Amazon or any local pet store!

2. Hairy Potter

9 Adorable Costumes for Your Pets

One of the most adorable costumes of the Halloween season, discover the magic of trick-or-treating by dressing up your pet as Harry Potter!

Best Worn By: Large dogs

Where to Find It: Whether you're a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, you can find a Harry Potter-themed scarf easily online!

3. Hot Dog

9 Adorable Costumes for Your Pets

The cutest pun of the Halloween season will make your neighbors and friends exclaim, "hot dog!" Since the straps are adjustable, you can turn any dog into a hot dog this October!

Best Worn By: Any dog of any size!

Where to Find It: Check around Pet Supplies Plus in Bay City or anywhere online to get your hands on this hot commodity!

4. Beanie Baby

9 Adorable Costumes for Your Pets

Pay tribute to the 90's trend that swept the nation with this quick and easy DIY costume for your pet! For a truly authentic look, write a little bio for your dog in the name tag. In no time, they'll look just like a classic Beanie Baby!

Best Worn By: Any pet!

Where to Find It: Follow this DIY guide to make your unique name tag for your pet!

5. Pup of Joe

9 Adorable Costumes for Your Pets

Satisfy your love for coffee (and Halloween) by transforming your dog into an adorable pup of joe! If you can't draw the Starbucks logo, print it off and glue it to your cardboard. It'll look just as good!

Best Worn By: Small, medium, and "Venti" sized dogs!

Where to Find It: Repurpose an old cardboard box with the Starbucks logo on it and carefully tape it together to make the "sleeve". Don't forget the coffee lid cap!

6. Unicorn

9 Adorable Costumes for Your Pets

Is your furry friend magical? One-of-a-kind? Prove how truly remarkable your pet is with a unicorn costume! Show off the majesty of your little buddy with a truly legendary look.

Best Worn By: Smaller dogs

Where to Find It: Thankfully, finding a unicorn costume is a lot easier than finding a real unicorn! Check Soldan's Pet Supplies in Bay City, or shop online to get your hands on this mythical costume.

7. Banana

9 Adorable Costumes for Your Pets

Want your friends and family to go bananas for your pet this year? Give your dog the fruity look it deserves with a Chiquita banana costume! If you own several dogs, turn your bananas into a bunch with this adorable look.

Best Worn By: Dogs of any size!

Where to Find It: Spirit Halloween will normally have them in stock. If you can't find them in person, check their online store to get it right away!

8. Bumblebee

9 Adorable Costumes for Your Pets

This cute costume might "bee" the best one we've seen yet! With snap button enclosures, you can easily slip this costume on your cat without much trouble. 

Best Worn By: Cats of all sizes

Where to Find It: You can purchase it online at Meowington, or you can stop by Halloween City in Saginaw to get it in person!

9. Shark Attack

9 Adorable Costumes for Your Pets

There is definitely 'some-fin' extra adorable about this costume! This land shark costume is perfect for aquatic themed Halloween festivities, trick-or-treating, or even trips to the waterside!

Best Worn By: Medium sized dogs

Where to Find It: Amazon has several shark attack costumes in stock, but you can also head out to Party City to get a look at this cool costume in person!

Give your fuzzy companions the fashionable and stylish look they deserve this Halloween with one of these 9 adorable costumes for your pets! If you're planning on taking your pet for an adventure this fall, take a look at our Fall Seasonal Guide to discover fun pet-friendly locations in the Bay City area this October! While you're at it, make sure your vehicle is ready to take on the changing temperatures with our Fall Car Care guide. You'll be thankful when the snow starts to fall, as your vehicle's important components will be able to take on the cold weather this upcoming winter!

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