Friday, February 9, 2018

Give Your Car the Love It Deserves on Valentine's Day

BAY CITY, Mich. –– Valentine's Day is for showing our family and friends how much we love them, not just our significant others! Giving your loved ones cards, flowers, chocolates, cute teddy bears, and other gifts is a tradition of the holiday. However, there is one more "person" in your life who you may be unintentionally neglecting on Cupid's holiday, your car! It may seem silly, but your vehicle deserves some attention and affection this February and you can give your car the love it deserves this Valentine's Day with auto service and other gifts!

Give Your Car the Love it Deserves on Valentines Day

Floor Mats

Throughout the winter, snow, slush, and mud cling to your boots when you enter your vehicle and wind up on the floor. To help your vehicle stay clean, we recommend purchasing a set of Weather Tech Mats for Valentines Day. These top-of-the-line mats with catch and contain all the snow and debris, keeping it from soaking into your floor's carpet. Road salt in the slush your track in can cause unsightly stains and corrode the metal floor underneath the carpet.

Car Detailing/Car Wash

The same slush, mud, and corrosive road salt that may accidentally get tracked into your car on your boots will also coat and damage the exterior of your vehicle and rust out the undercarriage. Regular car washes and detailing will protect your paint job and maintain the integrity of your vehicles exposed components. So, pamper your vehicle with "spa day" by getting it washed and waxed on Valentines Day!

Oil Change

It is critically important that you don't let your vehicle go more than 3,000–5,000 miles between oil changes. If you neglect to get new oil put into your vehicle, you run the risk of overheating your engine causing major damage by warping the internal components. Bring your vehicle into our Graff Bay City Service Department for an oil change this Valentines Day so that your car, truck, or SUV will be running at top efficiency.

Winter Car Care

Protect your vehicle and its internal components from the freezing temperatures and poor road conditions by completing our Winter Car Care maintenance routine at Graff Bay City. This maintenance includes inspecting and replacing your tires, brakes, battery, and other components to make sure your vehicle handles well on the icy roads and doesn't break down or become disabled out in the cold. Winter Car Care is the automotive equivalent of getting your vehicle a bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates!

Spring Care Care

Once winter comes to an end, which thankfully isn't too far off, completing your Spring Car Care maintenance routine will be important. The toll winter has taken on your vehicle will be significant and to avoid further damage and get your vehicle back in top condition, you should bring it into our service center to get its alignment and suspension adjusted, fluids refilled, windshield wipers replaced, and much more. Get your vehicle ready to shine come springtime!

Graff Bay City Service Coupons

You can save big on necessary repairs or routine maintenance this season by downloading our service coupons off of our website! We've got deals on various service packages which including tire rotation, fluid refills, brake inspection, and much more. The money you save can then go to showering your real Valentine with gifts on February 14th!

So give your car the love it deserves this Valentine's Day with routine maintenance, automotive service, or a car wash! Also, maybe you're looking to spoil your sweetheart with a new ride this Valentine's Day, browse our online inventory to see if have what you're looking for. Then, speak with our friendly sales staff to schedule a test drive to experience it in person. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect vehicle to cruise into springtime in!

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