Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bad Habits that Reduce Vehicle Performance

BAY CITY, Mich. – Your vehicle is a huge financial investment! From daily commutes to road trips, your vehicle's efficiency is extremely important. However, many people fall victim to bad habits that reduce vehicle performance. These bad habits can cut the life of your vehicle in half and significantly lower its resale value. While these habits can be hard to break, with enough effort, you'll be giving your vehicle the proper attention it deserves in no time!

Bad Habits that Reduce Vehicle Performance

Bad Habit #1: Accelerating Too Fast

While accelerating quickly may give you an adrenaline boost, it can be very bad for your vehicle! Doing this too frequently can burn a lot of fuel, hurting your fuel economy and placing a heavy load on driving components. When you accelerate too quickly, you're likely going to have to brake abruptly too, which can cause your brake pads and rotors to wear down or warp over time. The best way to extend the life of your engine and brakes is to avoid sudden or repeated acceleration!

Bad Habit #2: Driving Dirty

Driving with a dirty interior or exterior can cause both short and long-term damage to your vehicle. Without regular washes, your vehicle's exterior can receive damage from salt, dirt, and other elements it may encounter on the road, which will reduce its resale value. Also, a dirty windshield can reduce your vision or altogether prevent you from driving safely. Make sure you clean your vehicle's interior frequently to avoid any stains or messes that would further reduce its value.

Bad Habit #3: Carrying Too Much

Frequently carrying a large amount of cargo, especially in the first few thousand miles of a vehicle's life, will put a significant amount of strain on your vehicle. Your engine will need to put more effort in to make up for the additional weight, which will drain fuel quicker and put more pressure on your brakes, tires, and other components. Clean your vehicle regularly to reduce this strain and increase its value. 

Bad Habit #4: Ignoring Warning Signs

If you notice any squeaking, rattling, humming, or emergency lights, have someone diagnose it as soon as possible! You may be worrying about the initial costs, but it will be much more expensive if it ends up being something serious that could have been prevented. Read our list of service lights and their meanings to prepare yourself for any situation may require your attention. 

Bad Habit #5: Abruptly Shifting from Reverse to Drive

Abruptly shifting your gear from reverse to drive or vice versa puts immediate strain on your vehicle's transmission, which can lead to extremely costly repairs. Making sure your vehicle is completely stopped before you transition between gears will make a noticeable difference with parking and pulling out. You'll extend your transmission's life and make shifting gears a much easier process. Automatic vehicles are the most likely to suffer from this, so if you drive an automatic, make sure you aren't falling victim to this bad habit!

At Graff Bay City, we want you to value your vehicle, as it's a very large part of your life. Since you use it almost daily, you'll want to make sure it runs smoothly. Keeping an eye on any bad habits that reduce vehicle performance will maximize your vehicle's life and keep you safe on the road. If you notice anything different with your vehicle or would like it checked out, feel free to schedule an appointment to get it looked at as soon as you can! It's better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your vehicle!

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