Thursday, December 10, 2015

6 Suggestions for Traveling With Your Pet

6 Suggestions for Traveling With Your Pet

BAY CITY, Mich. – The holidays are approaching, and it’s time to prepare for your holiday travels. While it’s essential to keep your family safe during your trip, remember it’s important to keep your furry friends safe, too. If you’re taking your pet with you to the festivities this holiday, here are 6 suggestions for traveling with your pet.

6 Suggestions for Traveling With Your Pet

  1. Pets should not roam. Any animal roaming around the car can be a distraction to the driver. The safest way for your pet to travel is in a proper sized carrier that is anchored to the vehicle using a seatbelt or some other secure means. This will keep the carrier from bouncing around the car.
  2. Leave the front seat for humans. We know your pet might be more comfortable sitting in the front with you, but if an airbag deploys your pet could get injured, even in a crate. Put them in the backseat to keep them safe.
  3. Keep pets’ heads inside. If you choose not to have your pet in a crate make sure they’re not sticking their head out the window. While it may be funny to watch their tongues flap in the wind, it is unsafe. Animals can be injured by debris, especially in their eyes, and can get sick from having cold air forced into their lungs.
  4. Rest stop, rest stop, rest stop. The key to road trips with animals is plenty of rest stops. Let them go to the bathroom and stretch out. Always make sure your animals leave the car wearing a collar, an ID tag, and leash.
  5. Give your animal comfort. Some pets don’t like traveling. It’s important to give your animal lots of comfort throughout the ride. You can do this by petting them, giving them a treat, or letting them take their favorite toy. Switch off duties, too; not just one person should care for the pet the entire time.
  6. Never leave your pet alone in a car. While stops may seem short to you, they don’t always feel that way to your animal. It’s very easy for your furry friend to get cold or lonely.
Follow these 6 suggestions for traveling with your pet and your trip will be much easier. Remember your pet is part of the family, too, so keeping them safe is just as important.

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