Monday, January 6, 2014

Tips to Survive the Extreme Cold

Tips to Survive the Extreme Cold

BAY CITY, Mich.- If you've gone online, turned on the TV, or just stepped outside, you've heard the news. Winter Storm Ion dumped massive amounts of snow on Michigan along with other states throughout the Midwest and now it's leaving behind some of the coldest temperatures we've felt in decades! We're from Michigan, we know cold weather, but these extreme temperatures are no joke! So bundle up and stay safe with these tips to survive the extreme cold!

Tips to Survive the Extreme Cold

-Before heading outside, make sure to bundle up and cover all of your skin. Dress in several loose warm layers. The air that gets trapped between the layers will insulate you compared to wearing just one layer. A waterproof or windproof outer-layer will protect you from the elements along with a hat that covers your ears and mittens rather than gloves.

-Even if you are dressed warmly, make sure to pay attention to early signs of frostbite so that you can prevent further damage. Make sure to head indoors if you experience redness, prickling, loss of feeling, or pale appearance in fingers and toes, which are all signs of frostbite.
-Stay safe indoors as well by making sure that your heating unit is working correctly. A heating unit that is damaged or not functioning correctly can release dangerous carbon monoxide gas. So it is also important to make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working correctly too.
-These extreme temperatures can be very dangerous for certain people along with pets. If you have family, friends, or neighbors who may be at risk or need assistance, make sure to check in with them. Also, make sure to keep your pets indoors and keep a close eye on them when they must go out to use the bathroom.
-It's best to stay home during this frigid cold, especially since the roads can be dangerous as well. But if you must head out, make sure you have a full tank of gas and have an emergency kit in your vehicle. You cannot predict when you will experience vehicle trouble so it's important to keep basic items like warm clothing, blankets, a flashlight, jumper cables, bandaids, etc. in your car.
-Lastly but not least, make sure to take it easy when shoveling the snow. You probably already know to be careful to not over-exert yourself, but especially in these arctic temperatures, it's important to avoid staying out too long. So take breaks and allow yourself time to warm up.

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