Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Graff Bay City Is Home To The 2015 Camaro 2SS And Camaro Z/28

Graff Bay City Is Home To The 2015 Camaro 2SS And Camaro Z/28

BAY CITY, Mich. - When it comes to impressive muscle cars, no automaker makes 'em like Chevy does! There has been much (merited) hype over the 2016 Sixth-Gen Camaro that Chevy released in May, but the 2015 models can hold their own just the same, and two of those 2015 models can be found in Bay City. Graff Bay City is home to the 2015 Camaro 2SS and Camaro Z/28, two cars that carry a combined 931 horsepower.

Let's take a closer look at these two beauties, shall we? The 2015 Camaro Z/28 (seen above) is steeped in legend! With an MSRP of $76,850 this Camaro is the king of its class and demands respect. This one at Graff Bay City is an absolute dream, and can be purchased at a price as low as $68,526! This powerhouse of a car rolls in with 505-HP and a freighting 7.0-liter V8 engine with a 6-Speed Manual transmission. This car is ready for the racetrack, and sports a beautiful, Black exterior with a Satin Nickel finish fuel door that ads a little "pizazz" to the vehicle. Other quality features of the Z/28 include race-inspired leather front seats, stability control, security system, OnStar, Bluetooth, MPS compatibility and TONS of others! As previously stated, this is a car that is truly able to go straight from the dealership lot to the racetrack without upgrades, and is one of the only muscle cars that has that unique capability.

Graff Bay City Is Home To The 2015 Camaro 2SS And Camaro Z/28

The second Camaro we are showcasing is the 2015 Camaro 2SS (shown above) that comes in a bit under the Z/28 with an MSRP of $40,545. However, do not believe for a second that this Camaro model doesn't have just as much power underneath the hood as other Camaros. The 2SS packs a nasty, 426 HP punch with about 410 lb-ft of torque coupled with a powerful, 6.2-liter Manual V8 engine. Other fantastic features include Brembo brakes, a sporty FE3 suspension, StabiliTrack, OnStar, Heated Seats, Bluetooth, leather seats, HID headlights and TONS of others. There is also a rumor floating around the auto-world that the 2SS lapped Germany's Nurburgring track in 8 minutes and 20 seconds, which puts the vehicle into the same class as the E46 BMW M3.

Graff Bay City is Home To The 2015 Camaro 2SS and Camaro Z/28 and trust us, these two dynamic vehicles are defintely one-of-a-kind! If you would like to get behind the wheel of the Camaro Z/28 or the Camaro 2SS, feel free to stop by your Bridgeport Area Chevy Dealer today! We have a beautiful inventory of the 2015 Camaro, including the 2LS, 1LT and 2LTHank Graff Chevy is located at 3636 Wilder Road, Bay City, MI 48706 and we can help you find the perfect vehicle for your weekend getaway! For more information on Hank Graff Chevrolet, or for any questions call us at (989) 684-4411 or visit our website:

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