Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Cleaning Car Care Tips

BAY CITY, Mich., – Are you ready to start your spring cleaning? Odds are you're planning to go through the closet and the cupboards, maybe the garage, but what about your car? Don't forget to give your ride some love this spring! Check out our spring cleaning car care tips from Graff Bay City to keep your ride in great shape!

Spring Cleaning Car Care Tips

1. Empty the Garbage

Empty bottles, receipts, wrappers and miscellaneous trash tends to build up in our vehicles over time. Clear out the garbage so you can find yourself on the way to a cleaner car!

2. Vacuum

After you've removed all of the trash, get out your heavy duty vacuum cleaner or head to the carwash to use theirs. Vacuum your upholstery and floors to remove any dirt, crumbs, leaves, or gravel that may have accumulated. You can even use a bottle of compressed air to get all of the dust from those hard to reach spaces. 

3. Sanitize

Use cleaning wipes or spray to wipe down and sanitize your interior surfaces. Get the gunk out of the cup holders and dust off the dashboard! Be sure you're using the appropriate type of cleaning product for your vehicle's specific surfaces.

4. Wash the Windows

Windex the inside of your windows to remove dust, fingerprints, and pet smudges. Don't forget about the inside of your front and rear windshields and your rearview mirror!

5. Exterior Wash

Head to the carwash or hand wash your car at home to finish off your spring cleaning for your car! Be sure to hand dry your vehicle to keep spots from appearing on your paint!

Car Care Hacks to Keep Your Ride Clean All Year Round:

Spring Cleaning Car Care Tips

  • Use silicone cupcake liners in your cup holders. They can easily be removed and cleaned if necessary!
  • Keep a small container or bag for trash to keep it from building up.
  • Wipe down wiper blades with alcohol to prevent streaking.
  • Keep tissues in a small to-go cup.
  • Place scented wax melts in a jar with holes for a DIY air freshener. 
Spring Cleaning Car Care Tips

We hope you use our spring cleaning car care tips to keep your ride feeling fresh this spring! For more vehicle maintenance advice and tips, check out our Spring Car Care pages. Here you can also find our spring cleaning tips for your car! 

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