Monday, July 24, 2017

Netflix Shows You Need to Start Today

BAY CITY, Mich.,– Need a new show, but don't know where to start? Netflix carries so many different shows that it can be hard to figure out which ones you may actually like. Whether you're looking for a heart-pumping drama, hilarious comedy, or something totally off the beaten path, we've got you covered! Our reliable guide on Netflix shows you need to start today will help you find the perfect show that suits your taste!

The Office (Comedy)

If you haven't started this award-winning comedy yet, you're missing out! Follow the story of bumbling boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and his bizarre coworkers in this incredible (and surprisingly emotional) comedy series!

Mad Men (Drama)

After reaching an incredible conclusion in 2015, Mad Men has withstood the test of time as one of the best dramas of the 21st century. Don Draper, suave ad executive, battles with clients, coworkers, and his past in this incredibly jaw-dropping drama.

Stranger Things (Science Fiction)

Take a trip back in time with this bone-chilling homage to the 80s! When local boy Will Byers disappears suddenly, his friends embark on a journey to find him, discovering a supernatural world that threatens to swallow their hometown alive.

Master of None (Comedy)

Dev, a 30 year-old freelance actor from New York, navigates the confusing life of adulthood with plenty of questions and jokes along the way. Aziz Ansari's debut show is full of beautiful cinematography and incredibly funny and relatable jokes.

Orange is the New Black (Comedy/Drama)

Piper Chapman, a public relations executive, is sent to minimum-security prison for a crime she committed almost a decade earlier. She quickly learns how life changing prison can be, making a few friends and enemies along the way.

House of Cards (Drama)

House of Cards tells the story of Frank Underwood, a notoriously ruthless congressman who will stop at nothing in the quest for power. This Emmy and Golden Globe winning political tale is on its final season this year, so new viewers will get to see Frank's story told from beginning to end.

Black Mirror (Science Fiction/Thriller)

For something scary, realistic, and a little too real, Black Mirror is the answer. Considered the "modern day Twilight Zone", Black Mirror follows several stories of the near-future and what happens to society when it comes to rely too much on technology.

Jessica Jones (Action/Thriller)

One of Marvel's darkest but best told superhero stories, Jessica Jones is a private investigator who uses her abilities to track down a tormentor from her past. It's a much darker take on the traditional superhero origins, but is easily one of the most unique and dynamic.

While these are only a few of the best shows available to Netflix users, they'll be sure to keep you up late wanting to binge for more. Watch these Netflix shows you need to start today if you're looking for something new! While you're catching up on your new favorite show, take a look at our new vehicle inventory to do some shopping, too. You'll be able to customize it with exclusive General Motors accessories, available to any customers of Graff Bay City! If you're just looking to save some money on auto service, though, you can always take advantage of our coupons for the best deals in Mid-Michigan!

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