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How to Child Proof Your Car

BAY CITY, Mich.,–– Picture this: you finally finish cleaning your vehicle. After all the detailing, vacuuming, and cleaning, it looks good as new. Suddenly, disaster strikes. Your children set foot in your vehicle, snacks in hand. Before you know it, your pristine backseat reverts to a messy shell of its former self. Avoid a potential tragedy by knowing how to child proof your car. From simple backseat organization tips to interior vehicle protection, protect your vehicle from even the stickiest of fingers with our handy guide today.

Utilize Your Vehicle's Childproof Technology

How to Child Proof Your Car

Your vehicle is equipped with several standard features to ensure the safety of your passengers. Engaging your vehicle's childproof locks will prevent your younger children from opening the doors while you drive. Flipping the childproof lock switch will allow you to open your vehicle's doors from the outside, but not the inside. You can also engage window locks to prevent your backseat passengers from opening the windows, making your backseat a much safer place.

Turn Cupcake Liners Into Cup Holder Protectors

How to Child Proof Your Car

While the title may seem like a mouthful, these quick and easy cup holder protectors can make a huge difference in keeping your vehicle clean! Whether your passengers need a place to put loose change, trash, crumbs, or other debris, cupcake liners make cleaning your cup holders easy work. They only take a few seconds to "install", and prevent any unnecessary messes from building up in your car! You'll be surprised at how much of a difference this little bit of maintenance can make.

Repurpose Your Remote Holder into a Car Organizer

How to Child Proof Your Car

Using nothing but a Flort from IKEA, you can quickly stow and organize your child's entertainment in the backseat to prevent any distractions from occurring. Store snacks, colored pencils, notebooks, and even iPads for quick and easy access for your passengers! They will learn the benefits of organization while you focus on the road, distraction free. With this car organizer, you won't have to constantly reach in the backseat to help your child find what they're looking for. It'll be within their reach!

Keep Plenty of On-the-Road Entertainment On Hand

How to Child Proof Your Car

No one wants to hear the dreaded "Are we there yet?" while on a long road trip. Prevent this disastrous saying from ever leaving your passengers' lips by keeping them occupied during any drive, no matter how long or short. You can use the repurposed Flort from earlier or repurpose a shoe organizer for a creative and organized entertainment center. Pack multiple forms of entertainment - iPads, coloring books, novels, toys, or anything else you know your child enjoys to ensure your drive goes (virtually) complaint-free.

Create an Activity Tray Out of a Cookie Sheet

How to Child Proof Your Car

Using velcro straps and a cookie sheet, you can create a quick and easy activity tray for your kids during longer drives. They can play, color, build, and enjoy any entertainment they may have brought along on a leveled surface. Plus, if you stop for a quick bite to eat along the way, they can use the activity tray as a makeshift table to enjoy their food without any unnecessary mess! The cookie sheet activity tray is easy to install and can be easily removed if needed.

We at Graff Bay City prioritize the safety of drivers and passengers on the road. In order to ensure the safety of everyone in and out of the vehicle, the driver must remain fully focused on the road and avoid any potential distractions. Knowing how to child proof your car can make all the difference in the world whether you're on a short or long drive. If you're headed on a road trip or longer drive soon, you can further reduce the stress of long drives by keeping your kids entertained on the journey ahead. If you're in the market to purchase a new vehicle or want to increase the safety of you and your passengers, take a look at some of the safety features worth installing to improve your on-the-road safety. Our model overview page gives detailed descriptions on which vehicles offer specific safety features. You can find something for everyone at Graff Bay City!

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