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Safety Features Worth Having in Your Next Vehicle

BAY CITY, Mich.,–– At Graff Bay City, safety is our top priority. The National Safety Council estimates that at least 40,000 fatalities and over 4.6 million people were injured as a result of car crashes in 2016, the highest in almost a decade. To better keep you and your passengers safe on the road, we've put together a list of safety features worth having in your next vehicle!

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Safety Features Worth Having in Your Next Vehicle

Available on new Chevrolet models, Rear Cross Traffic Alert informs you of approaching drivers or hazards when you back out of a parking spot or driveway. This safety-minded feature works hand-in-hand with Rear Camera technology, a feature that is standard on every new General Motors vehicle, giving you a clear image of the area behind your vehicle on your dashboard display. Rear Cross Traffic Alert technology provides visual and audible notifications if any moving objects or hazards are nearby to prevent any accidents from occurring. 

Lane Keep Assist

Safety Features Worth Having in Your Next Vehicle

Lane Keep Assist technology provides audio and visual alerts on your vehicle dashboard display when you unintentionally drift into another lane. Should you continue to drift, Lane Keep Assist will gently nudge your steering wheel to keep you in your lane. Using cameras placed on every side of the vehicle, this feature monitors the patterns of the road, alerting you if you don't use your turn signals or if you regularly drift into other lanes. Lane Keep Assist helps to improve the safety of you, your passengers, and other vehicles on multi-lane roads and highways.

Front and Rear Parking Assist

Safety Features Worth Having in Your Next Vehicle

Eliminate the stress of parking in a difficult spot with Front and Rear Parking Assist technology. Cameras positioned on the front and back of your vehicle provide guidelines and notifications to help you adjust your position to prevent any damage to your vehicle or surroundings. From new drivers to experts behind the wheel, this technology can ease the process of parallel parking and reduce the stress behind it as well. Front and Rear Parking Assist is standard on most GM models and is a great feature for drivers of any lifestyle!

Adaptive Cruise Control

Safety Features Worth Having in Your Next Vehicle

Improve your cruise control experience with Adaptive Cruise Control technology. This feature allows you to match the speed of drivers in front of you, eliminating the need to constantly brake and accelerate to accommodate to others' speeds. You can adjust the space, or "follow gap" between other vehicles to allow other drivers to merge into your lane, too. Adaptive Cruise Control technology is available on most modern GM vehicles.

Forward Safety Awareness

Forward Safety Awareness technology utilizes the same cameras that Lane Keep Assist technology uses to alert drivers of impending danger in front of the vehicle. Radar technology alerts you of slowing vehicles ahead, providing video and audio notifications through your display dashboard. If a collision is imminent, Forward Safety Awareness automatically applies your brakes to either reduce the damage of a collision or prevent it altogether. 

The United States Automobile Association lists each of these features on their website as features that improve car safety for drivers, passengers, and other drivers. These safety features worth having in your next vehicle will make the road a much safer place for everyone. All of the features mentioned are either standard or available on most modern General Motors vehicles. Browse our model lineup to see what safety features are standard with each vehicle. Take a look at Chevy car and truck technology to view additional customization options that are available on your Chevrolet vehicle, too. If you have any questions or would like to take a vehicle out for a test drive, call us to set up an appointment and we'll be more than happy to help you find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs!

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