Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Green St. Patrick's Day Treat Ideas

BAY CITY, Mich.– Top o' the mornin' to ya! Are you feeling green with excitement for St. Patty's Day coming up? If you're needing a little extra boost to get in the spirit, we've got just the trick with these green St. Patrick's Day treat ideas that you and all your friends and family will love! These lucky snacks are perfect for sharing at work, parties, or for the kids to bring to school. Try one, or try them all, and get into the St. Paddy's Day spirit!

Green St. Patrick's Day Snack Ideas

Shamrock Shake 

This festive drink's popularity has skyrocketed in recent years after being offered at a major fast food chain, but if you're looking to create one of your own at home, all you need are a few ingredients to get your minty green milkshake fix!

Green St. Patrick's Day Treat Ideas

Lucky Rice Krispie Treats

These lucky bars scream St. Patty's Day with their green hue and magical marshmallows. It's just like making a batch of classic Rice Krispie Treats, but with green food coloring and Lucky Charm marshmallows for some added festive spirit.

Green St. Patrick's Day Treat Ideas

Have you heard of brookies before? The insanely tasty dessert that is a cross between a brownie and a cookie. This version is made with mint Oreos, dark chocolate mint M&M's, brownie mix, and cookie mix. Plus, "brookies" sounds like it could be an old Gaelic word meaning "delicious!"

Green St. Patrick's Day Treat Ideas

Green Velvet Cupcake Shamrocks

These Emerald Isle green cupcakes are decadent and fluffy. Delicious chocolate cupcakes are simple to bake, but their confectionary decorating may take a steady hand. Serve individually or in shamrock configurations to really enjoy the spirit of the holiday.

Green St. Patrick's Day Treat Ideas

Chocolate Covered Oreos 

If you're not really the baking type, then go for these chocolate dipped Oreos. To fit with the St. Patrick's Day theme, just use some mint Oreos, white and green chocolate melts, and green sprinkles for decoration. Super easy, but super delicious too!

Green St. Patrick's Day Treat Ideas

We have to say, we're definitely looking forward to the luckiest of holidays this year and sampling some of these green St. Patricks Day treats. But as always, safety comes first, so please have a safe, responsible, and happy holiday! At Graff Bay City your safety is our number one priority and our service FAQ page will help you stay safe and sound on the road at all times. Learn about the routine maintenance your vehicle needs and schedule a service appointment with our experts at Graff Bay City today.

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