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Spring Break Packing & Travel Tips

BAY CITY, Mich. –– Packing for Spring Break, or any vacation or trip really, can be stressful. Remembering to pack all the essentials can be difficult enough, and even then there are plenty of other traveling pitfalls that can derail your trip. So before you head off on a well-deserved vacation to somewhere warm (or at least warmer than Michigan right now!), make yourself a checklist of everything you need to pack and accomplish before you head off on your trip.  To help you, we've created a list of Spring Break packing and travel tips that sometimes get overlooked but are very important to remember to ensure you have a great vacation. Oh and one last thing, don't forget to water your plants before you leave!

 Spring Break Packing & Travel Tips

Bring Sunscreen

You may think, "Oh, I can just buy sunscreen at my destination", and you're not wrong. However, in most popular vacation spots, the cost of sunscreen is significantly higher than here at home. So, to save yourself from getting price gouged, and keep your skin from getting burned, load up on sunscreen at home and pack it in your luggage. Also, don't forget to grab lip balm/chapstick with SPF in it. Your lips can get burnt just as easily as the rest of your skin.

Bring Cash

It's something we often forget about in this modern age with credit cards and digital payment option. But, if you need to take a traditional taxi, tip a bellhop, or just in case of emergency, it's important to have cash on hand. Make a quick trip to the bank to take out some spending money, and consider having your bank teller break your larger bills into smaller ones to make tipping easier.

Bring Pants for Dinner!

Most of the time for Spring Break, all of us Michiganders can only think about getting out of the cold and getting to wear shorts in a warmer vacation spot. But, don't forget to bring some nicer pants or slacks to wear if you're going out to a nice dinner. In some restaurants, men are required to wear pants, not shorts, to dinner. It's an easy thing to forget, so make sure to pack accordingly.

Pack the Essentials in your Carry On

If you're flying to your Spring Break destination, make sure to pack a set of clothes, your swimsuit, all your medication, and any other essentials in your carry on. There's always the possibility your luggage could get misplaced or delayed, and you're stuck in 

Bring Some Gum for the Kids

Whether you driving south through some of the mountainous regions of the country, or are flying to your vacation spot, bring some gum for your children. The changes in elevation can give way to ear aches and popping, an unpleasant experience for kids and adults alike. It may be difficult to explain to your children that swallowing or gulping air can help reduce the sometimes painful experience, so chewing gum is often an easy solution for young kids to use to mitigate the effects of the elevation changes.

Don't Forget Your Phone Charger

Double check, no, triple check your bag to make sure you've packed your phone charger. You don't want to have to buy one while you're away from home on your trip.

Don’t Post Photos While You're Away

It may be tempting to post photos of your Spring Break vacation on social media while you're there, but this will alert people to the fact that you're not home. Then, your home or apartment could be broken into and robbed. Sound far-fetched? You'd be surprised how frequently this happens, and many hometown police departments advise their residents each year to wait until coming home to post pictures of their vacation. Also, it never hurts ask a neighbor you trust to keep an eye On your home while you're away.

Roll Clothes When Packing

This tip is a tried and true method used by backpackers, hikers, and other frequent travelers. Instead of folding your clothes traditionally to pack them into your suitcase, tightly roll your clothes to save significant space in your bag. That way, you can fit more stuff into each bag you bring on the trip. Plus, when rolling your clothes, they are then less prone to getting deep wrinkles from fold creases.

So follow these Spring Break packing and travel tips to ensure you'll have fun and relaxing vacation full of sunshine. Also, if you're taking a long road trip to get to your Spring Break destination, consider scheduling a quick service appointment at the Graff Chevrolet Bay City Service Center beforehand. Our experienced and friendly service technicians can check your vehicle and make sure it's up to the task of driving on a long road trip, or they will help you complete your Spring Car Care maintenance routine.

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