Wednesday, August 8, 2018

10 Back to School Songs to Get You Pumped for the New Year

10 Back to School Songs to Get Your Pumped for the New Year

BAY CITY, Mich. -- Contrary to Alice Cooper's anthemic tune, school is certainly not out forever. While the back to school season may be exciting with all the new possibilities a new school year brings, it can get stressful sometimes, especially for high schoolers and college students. But you can do it!

What better way to set your intention for greatness with some awesome music? We at Graff Bay City have curated an awesome Back to School playlist just for the occasion! Complete with music videos to sing along!

1. "BRAVE" - Sara Bareilles, 2013

Start the ride to school off on the right note with this encouraging track from Sara Bareilles, who implores you to be fearless in everything you do.

2. "WE RULE THE SCHOOL" - Belle & Sebastian, 1996

"Do something pretty while you can," sing indie rockers Belle & Sebastian in this soothing tune about realizing and taking advantage of your potential.

3. "DON'T TAKE THE MONEY" - Bleachers, 2017

"Don't take the money" is a phrase that Jack Antonoff (aka Bleachers) uses when his gut tries to steer him away from something positive, and staying on track is the message here. Break down those negative barriers this semester and rock out.

4. "SCRATCH YOUR NAME" - Noisettes, 2006

This song is all about making your mark and changing the world. A very school-worthy sentiment.

5. "DOG DAYS ARE OVER" - Florence + the Machine, 2009

Florence Welch belts over pounding percussion in this powerful track, inspiring feelings of fresh starts, perseverance, and fearlessness.

6. "UNBREAKABLE SMILE" - Tori Kelly, 2015

For middle school and high school students, one of the biggest pressures they face is "fitting in." This empowering declaration by Tori Kelly is a reminder to stay true to yourself and keep your personal energy positive, no matter what the "cool kids" are doing.

7. "WE ARE GOING TO BE FRIENDS" - The White Stripes, 2001

Michigan-natives The White Stripes perfectly capture that anxiousness and excitement of the first day of school and meeting new friends while you're at it.

8. "SAVE THE WORLD" - Swedish House Mafia, 2012

Blast this club banger on the way to school and tell us you don't feel like you can take on the world, or at least the semester.

9. "FLOAT ON" - Modest Mouse, 2003

Modest Mouse encourages you to not worry so much, see the potential in setbacks, and just "float on," alright?

10. "YOU GOTTA BE" - Des'ree, 1994

Let the chorus to this smooth and serene tune become your personal mantra, and definitely, have it in your headphones on the way into class.

From all of us at Graff Bay City, we wish all of the students in our community an awesome new year! We hope that this playlist gives you the drive you need to get out there and take on the semester!

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