Friday, March 29, 2013

Traveling Tips For You And Your Family

Traveling Tips For You And Your Family

BAY CITY, Mich.- Spring has sprung and the summer vacation months are approaching quickly—we have come up with a couple of suggestions for your travel plans that may make things operate a little more smoothly! Here are just some Traveling Tips For You And Your Family so you can spend your vacation enjoying yourself instead of pulling your hair out.

1. If you plan to travel by airline, you should make sure that you are checking the most recent TSA Safety Regulations, as they are always changing. The security checkpoint is one of the last places that you want to be stuck repacking your child's bag because of an mistake. 

2. Make sure to bring along a mini-medicine kit in case someone gets sick; you can pack motion-sickness medication, any other over-the-counter solution that your family may need, tissues, band-aids, gum, etc.

3. Make sure you are prepared to entertain each other! There are lots of small electronic games these days that won't take up space in your carry on or in the car. Or, you could always download a new app on your iPhone or iPad that allows for multiple people to participate. You can surprise one of your children or your spouse with a book or an eCoupon for a digital rental on your computer or tablet too. 

4. Spice things up and bring along a snack you have never tried before and spring it on your family—you never know what you may have been missing out on and it might be a nice surprise!  

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