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Celebrate National Tire Safety Week with Graff Bay City

Celebrate National Tire Safety Week with Graff Bay City

BAY CITY, Mich. – Do you know proper tire safety? From May 29th through June 4th it's National Tire Safety Week! With the summer season bringing more vehicle travel and long road trips, now is the perfect time to learn how to keep yourself and your passengers’ safe. Below we have put together a tire safety checklist to remember when traveling. Now you can keep your tires safe at all times and celebrate National Tire Safety Week with Graff Bay City!

Tire Safety Checklist:

Have you checked your tire pressure?

Before leaving for a long trip or vacation, make sure you check your tire’s air pressure. Proper tire inflation will help your vehicle drive better, help you save on fuel costs, and keep your tires performing to the best of their abilities. If you need help finding your vehicle’s air pressure recommendations check your Owner’s Manual.

Have you checked your tire tread?

Your tire tread is important because the tread keeps your tires gripped properly to the ground, giving you a safe drive. There are some ways to check your tire tread while at home! Visit our FAQ page to learn the steps to performing the Penny Test on your tires.

Do you have a spare available?

Even if you are prepared for the worst, the unexpected can happen. Having a spare tire on hand will help you not be stuck on the side of the road. If you do have to use a spare tire remember to not drive over 50 miles with one, and not over 50 mph. Try getting to a tire service location as fast as possible. 

Celebrate National Tire Safety Week with Graff Bay City

Have you had a tire rotation?

Routine tire rotations are a great and convenient way to keep your tires in good condition for longer periods of time. They help with even tire tread wear, and help fuel efficiency. We recommend getting a tire rotation every 6,000 miles or every other oil change. Schedule an appointment with our Service Center today for your next tire rotation.

Do you need a tire alignment?

Have you noticed your steering wheel pulling to one side or the other? This could be due to your tire alignment being off. Your tires should always be parallel to one another when you are driving. Having a problem with your tire alignment can lead to faster tire tread wear and cause more damage in the long run. 

By going through your tire checklist you will be prepared for anything once you have hit the road. Do you have questions about tire maintenance? Visit our FAQ page for answers to all things tires. To learn more about tire service you can also visit the tire routine maintenance page of our website. Celebrate National Tire Safety week with Graff Bay City and visit us for your tire maintenance services! Our Service Center can help inspect, repair and replace all of your tires. Schedule your appointment today

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