Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Safe Driving Reminders

Memorial Day Weekend Safe Driving Reminders
BAY CITY, Mich.- It's no secret that the highways will be congested this weekend as everyone heads out to celebrate Memorial Day. While you may be kicking off summer with a weekend up north or at a BBQ down the street, we want you to stay safe with all the extra traffic on the road and enjoy an accident free weekend.

The National Safety Council has estimated that motor vehicle collisions over the holiday weekend will cause hundreds of traffic fatalities and thousands of injuries. On average, 11.5% more traffic fatalities occur over Memorial Day weekend than over similar non-holiday periods due to the increased traffic on the roadways. So stay cautious and travel smart this holiday with our Memorial Day Weekend Safe Driving Reminders!

Memorial Day Weekend Safe Driving Reminders
-Don't use your cell phone when you're behind the wheel.
-Buckle up, whether you're driving 1 mile or 100 miles, and make sure all passengers are buckled too.
-Make sure children are seated in age-appropriate safety seats, and that children under 12 years old are always seated in the back seat.
-Plan extra travel time to allow for traffic, avoiding the temptation to rush or speed.
-Drive defensively and stay aware of other drivers, especially during poor weather conditions.
-Get a good night's sleep before hitting the road so you aren't drowsy behind the wheel.
-Even moderate consumption of alcohol can impair your reaction time and driving judgement, so always designate a driver.

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