Friday, January 26, 2018

10 Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Impress

BAY CITY, Mich. –– Not sure what dish you're going to bring to pass at your Super Bowl party this weekend? Well, you're in luck as we've compiled a list of 10 Super Bowl recipes guaranteed to impress everyone in attendance. From the savory to the sweet, we've got crowd-pleasing dishes that will sure to be everyone's favorite part of the evening, aside from the funny commercials of course. So read on to find the perfect recipe to bring, and enjoy all the football and commercials on game day!

Cowboy Caviar

This new recipe is quickly becoming a favorite of ours! It's fresh, light, and packed with flavor. Plus, it's very easy to make and looks as good as it is delicious!

10 Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Impress

Taco Crescent Ring

A delicious and savory treat that's perfect for kids as well as adults! Perhaps the most underrated and under-appreciated football snack ever.

10 Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Impress

Jalapeno Poppers

These poppers are so good they're bound to make you miss that big play or awesome commercial because you just had to get up off the couch and go back for seconds.

10 Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Impress


Everyone loves guac! This particular recipe, however, will be the best you've ever had! When someone else inevitably brings another bowl of guacamole to the party, yours will be empty first. Trust us.

Quick tip, put the leftover avocado pits (maybe just two) into the dip while it's refrigerating, waiting for the party, to keep it fresh and green!

10 Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Impress

Chicken Enchilada Roll-Ups

Yummy, cheesy, with an enchilada taste! Enjoy these little pinwheels that will also add a bit more protein and substance to your plate.

10 Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Impress

Buffalo Chicken Dip

It's hard to top guac as our favorite dip, but this recipe comes close. The bite of hot sauce and bleu cheese mixed with the savory taste of chicken and cream cheese make for an out-of-this-world dish!

10 Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Impress

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

This recipe replicates the beloved taste of restaurant style spinach and artichoke dip. Likely to be the favorite dip of the ladies at your party!

10 Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Impress

Baby Bloomin' Onions

If you bring these cute lil onions to your Super Bowl party, they're guaranteed to be everyone's favorite appetizer. Get all the flavor of a true Bloomin' Onion in a bite-size snack with a lot less mess.

10 Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Impress

Caramel Churro Chex Mix

Switch it up from recipes that are salty and savory to a sweet treat! This delicious, cinnamon delight is perfect for grazing on.

10 Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Impress

Peanut Butter Cup Dip

To finish up the list, we thought we'd include a dessert-type snack that will have everyone wanting more. You'll hear "No way!" and "I can't wait to try it!" when you walk in the door holding this dish.

10 Super Bowl Recipes Guaranteed to Impress

So enjoy the football, friends, and these Super Bowl recipes guaranteed to impress, courtesy of Graff Bay City, this Sunday. Also, please be safe when you're driving to and from your party, the winter weather can really take a toll on your vehicle and put your safety in jeopardy out on the road. So, we highly recommend preparing your vehicle for the freezing temps and icy winter roads by completing your Winter Car Care maintenance routine at our Graff Chevrolet Bay City Service Center.

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