Monday, August 5, 2013

CD Players Make Quiet Exit From Chevy Vehicles

CD Players Make Quiet Exit From Chevy Vehicles
BAY CITY, Mich. -  With new technology being added daily, CD players are making a quiet exit from Chevy Vehicles. Much like the cassette players of the 90s, the compact disk player will slowly be phased out of Chevy Vehicles and be replaced with better and more efficient technologies.

While CD players make a quiet exit from Chevy vehicles, USB ports and other entertainment systems are making their way in. The Chevy Spark is one example, as it no longer comes with a CD player slot on the dashboard. Instead, the small vehicle offers a range of options including USB ports and a MyLink infotainment system that gives drivers the option to stream live music from Pandora or similar music apps.

The reason that CD players will no longer be found in vehicles is simply because they have become outdated. Mountains of CDs are no longer present in most vehicles, as people have found ways to store thousands of songs on their phones, iPods, and more. Automakers are excited that CD players will be pulled from vehicles since it will give them so much more space on the dashboard. Without the CD player hole, designers will have more room to add screens, newer technology, and more.

If you prefer to use a CD player, rest assured that we have a variety of vehicles both with and without the compact disk player.  So stop by our Caro Area Chevrolet Dealer today and let us show you our great selection of New Chevrolet Cars and New Chevrolet Trucks. If you're interested in the Chevy Spark, we recommend taking a look at our 2013 Chevy Spark Brochure and then stopping in to take it for a test drive! We're sure it's a vehicle you're going to love!

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