Wednesday, August 28, 2013

7 Weekend Travel Tips

7 Weekend Travel Tips
BAY CITY, Mich. - One of the biggest holiday travel weekends is rapidly approaching, which means millions across the country will be in their cars and traveling to their vacation destination. No matter where you're traveling to, the cost of food, accommodations and more can add up very quickly. That's why we've gathered 7 weekend travel tips to help you save a few bucks.

1.  To avoid wasting gas on the highway, travel on off-peak days or at odd hours! The busiest travel days this holiday are expected to be on Friday and Monday, around 5-7 p.m. By traveling at off-peak hours or on less busy days, your vehicle will be more fuel efficient because you will be avoiding all the stop and go - not to mention, you remove the risk of getting in an accident due to the high volume of drivers on the road.

2. Another way to avoid wasting gas is to consider renting a car locally. If your vehicle is a gas guzzler, it might be worth it to rent a car with better gas mileage. The money you save on gas might be more than the rental cost.

3. If you're traveling to the beach, stay a few miles away. Hotels right on the sand are going to be more expensive whereas you might be able to find a better deal down the road. That way you're still near the beach, but you're saving a few pennies.

4. Speaking of expensive hotels, avoid places right off the highway or interstate. That will be the first place that many travelers stop since it's so conveniently placed. If you travel down the road a few miles, you'll be able to find a better deal with more rooms available.

5. Eating out can be a delicious treat, but an expensive one. If you pack food to take with you - even if it's just chips, pretzels, or other snack foods - you'll save money. Not to mention, you'll be thankful you packed something for your kids to munch on.

6.  If you are staying in a tent or a cabin, it's even easier to avoid eating out. Pack hot dogs or hamburgers and roast them over a campfire with friends and family! This gives everyone the chance to come together and enjoy each other's company at a fraction of the cost of eating out.

7.  The biggest travel tip that we can offer to help you save money is to stay local. If you want a change of scenery but have to stay on a budget, we recommend checking out a local campsite or visiting a town nearby that you've never been to! This helps you save on gas, accommodations, and bonus: you could always run home if you forgot something!

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