Tuesday, June 18, 2013

App Pays You to Spot Illegally Parked Cars

App Pays You to Spot Illegally Parked Cars
BAY CITY, Mich. - Do you ever see a car parked horribly and wish that a cop was around to take care of it? Well now there is a new phone application that pays you to spot and report illegally parked cars, which will have the cops on their way. By simply using your smartphone, you can spot offenders and get paid for it!

The app, called Spot Squad, will pay you to spot illegally parked cars; all from your smartphone. First, you take a photo of the car, choose from a list (seen above) the type of infraction that you're observing, and submit it. Then photo records your location, along with the offending vehicle's license plate number and sends all the information to the owner of the lot or the local law enforcement, if necessary. The parking enforcement will then issue a citation, or have the vehicle towed.

While it is still in the beginning stages, the app creators are hoping that eventually this system will be worked into the laws, allowing it to be directly involved in issuing citations. For now, however, it simply is a way to alert the proper authorities to the offense occurring. As the application continues to involve, they will also work out the kinks in how the user will get their portion of the fine paid. Eventually, the creators believe that the Spot Squad company will take a portion of the fine, which they will then distribute to the user.

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