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Top Chevy Safety Features Make Preventing A Crash A Priority

Top Chevy Safety Features Make Preventing a Crash, a Priority

BAY CITY, Mich. - When you're in your car, we know that you take the necessary means to make sure you reach your destination safely; especially with precious cargo like your friends and family in the car with you. Chevrolet also knows that you can only do so much to prevent an accident, and your car needs to be there for you if something unpredictable happens. Thats why top Chevy safety features make preventing a crash a priority.

Top Chevy safety features make preventing a crash a priority, so check out a few of the features that comes standard with any Chevy vehicle, and see how we are working to keep you safe and secure.

Antilock Brake System (ABS)
ABS is a safety feature that will keep your wheels from locking up when you encounter a slippery surface. While some vehicle's wheels will lock up, causing the car to skid uncontrollably, the ABS on a Chevy car allows your tires to maintain traction with the road. This is especially useful during the harsh Michigan winters, or during the rainy season.

The Stabilitrak® Electronic Stability Control System is another feature that helps you during tricky weather. One of the scariest moments any driver can face is hitting a slippery spot and having your car start to slide in the opposite way that your steering wheel is turning. This can be especially terrifying for someone not used to driving in extreme weather conditions. The Stabilitrak® system keeps this from happening by calculating the position of the steering wheel, the amount of force that is preventing you from going straight, and the speed of the vehicle. By reading all that comes into play, your vehicle will then use the brake and/or adjust engine torque to keep you going straight. So when your mind freezes with panic during the event of a slide, rest assured that your car is 'thinking' straight for you.

Traction Control
Continuing with the slippery surface scenario, the Chevy traction control has you covered again.  If you're driving on slippery surfaces, it is important to keep steady. The traction control safety feature reduces wheel spin when accelerating, allowing your wheels to maintain traction. This keeps you in control of your vehicle, and your mind at ease.

Daytime Running Lamps
Daytime Running Lamps are another important safety feature, as they increase your visibility during daylight driving conditions. These lamps automatically turn on when your vehicle starts, allowing your vehicle to remain visible in all conditions. such as fog and/or rain.  These lamps are particularly useful for Michigan residents, as you never know what the weather will throw at you throughout the course of the day. Chevy's got you covered.

Driver Information Center (DIC)
The Driver Information Center is useful for all drivers, as it lets you know what is going on with your car. The DIC will light up, displaying different messages to let you know that something may be wrong with your car.  These messages range from letting you know how your engine temperature is doing, all the way to alerting you to an open trunk. This center alerts you to all that you need to know about your car, ensuring that a problem never sneaks up on you.

Side Blind Zone Alert
Every driver knows about the blind zone in a car, as well as how difficult it can be to ensure that you switch lanes safely. This Chevy system makes changing lanes extremely simple, with an amber light on your vehicle's outside rearview mirrors.  When the light is on, your car is alerting you that there is a vehicle in your blind spot. When the light is off, you are in the clear. This is just another simple solution that Chevy provides for it's customers, ensuring that their drive is as easy and safe as possible.

Forward Collision Alert
This safety feature is a great asset, especially for those with young drivers, since it encourages positive driving habits. We all have either been, or experienced, the parent that slams the imaginary passenger side brake pedal when the new driver fails to brake at the appropriate distance from another car. The Forward Collision Alert can help with that, as it alerts the driver with visual and audible signals if it detects a potential collision. The alert gives the driver plenty of time to become aware of the situation and maneuver safely.

Lane Departure Warning
Another safety feature to help us practice safe driving habits, the lane departure warning alerts drivers when they stray over the lines along the road.  If you switch lanes without using your blinker, or perhaps stray off to the side of the road, your car will alert you. As it will alert you both visually and audibly, you will not be able to ignore the warning as you safely maneuver back into your lane.

With all these safety features that come standard on any Chevrolet vehicle, you can be sure that your safety is a top priority. Did you know that the Chevy Sonic has received the highest safety rating possible? It's true! Check out our 2013 Chevy Sonic Brochure, or stop in at our Tuscola Area Chevrolet Dealership to see it for yourself!

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