Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Apple Reveals "iOS in the Car", Lists Chevy As Partner

Apple Reveals "iOS in the Car", Lists Chevy As Partner
BAY CITY, Mich. - During the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed 'iOS in the Car' and listed Chevy as one of their partners.  The feature will use devices running iOS (any Apple product) and allow the driver to interact with it through the vehicle's infotainment system.

After Apple revealed the new 'iOS in the Car' and listed Chevy as a partner, many were left wondering how it will work. The available iOS in the Car will allow drivers to use the car's infotainment display to control their iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. They will be able to do a range of things, such as make calls, get directions, play music, send messages, and much more - all safely.  With texting and driving accidents on the rise daily, this will ensure that you can access all that you need while still driving responsibly.

Apple listed the following as specific things you will be able to do with iOS in the Car:

Commute Summary / Traffic Information
Leaving home a little late and worried you'll be late for work? This nifty system will display traffic conditions and estimated time of arrival, giving you piece of mind about whether you'll be late - and if you are, just how late. Your boss can thank us later.

Call Handling
Using the Siri Eyes Free control, you can listen to your voicemail and make phone calls. All hands free!

Using the controls in your vehicle, you can listen to music through iTunes Radio streaming music service, your own library, or other music apps. You have millions of songs available to you, all with the swipe of your fingertips.

Get Directions
Using the Maps app on your Apple device, you can get directions to wherever you're going! Just plug in your address, or select an address that you've received in an email or text. You'll then get turn-by-turn navigation through your car speakers.

Text While Driving - Safely
You can now text and drive and know that you're not putting yourself or others in harms way. Texts that you receive will appear on the car's display, which Siri can then read aloud to you. Can't wait to respond? No problem, just tell Siri how to respond while keeping your eyes on the road.

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