Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Augmented-Reality Technology Could Change the Way You Drive

Augmented-Reality Technology Could Change the Way You Drive
BAY CITY, Mich. - When you're dealing with the automotive industry, you're always thinking years ahead of where you are now; don't dwell on the past too much, just think forward to what the future holds. Chevy is doing just that right now, thinking about changing the way you drive completely. Forget tweaking your windshield only a little, Chevy wants to completely reconstruct by implementing augmented-reality technology that could change the way you drive.

For us everyday people, augmented-reality technology in your windshield would mean that you would be able to see a live view of a real-world environment on your windshield. Essentially, your windshield would work as a computer screen that would respond to voice-command. Now since it is something that you will be using in your car, the technology most likely won't allow you to post a status to Facebook, but it would change your driving experience.

The augmented-reality technology that could change the way you drive is one that is still in the works. But it has been discussed, for example, that this technology would have the power to illuminate your windshield in difficult to see surroundings. In a situation such as if you're driving in a foggy area, the windshield would be able to sharpen and illuminate curbs, pedestrians and fellow drivers nearby.

It is thought that this technology would also be able to eliminate the dashboard and rear-view mirrors completely. All the features on your dashboard would be on your windshield (speedometer, gas gauge, etc.), as well as a small window in the corner that would display what the rear-view mirror shows you. In all actuality this technology is still far from ready to be tested on our cars, but the discussion around it is certainly exciting!

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