Monday, June 10, 2013

Chevy's 3-D Prototype Process Makes Development of New Vehicles Easy

Chevy's 3-D Prototype Process Makes Development of New Cars, Easy
BAY CITY, Mich. - Chevrolet is using a new process to update and design new models, which involves lasers, specialized software, and stereo lithography. Chevy's new 3-D prototype process makes development of new vehicles easy.

The automaker used to use a clay sculpting process to develop new vehicles, which could take any where from weeks to months. But the new 3-D design process can be accomplished in just a matter of days. 3-D prototype processing, also known as Stereolithography, uses lasers to quickly build one-third scale and full-size test models, allowing designers and engineers to have a prototype that they can work with in person. Plus it also saves the company hundreds of thousands of dollars since the new 3-D prototype process makes developing new vehicles quick and easy.

This new 3-D prototype process was used to design Chevy's 2014 Malibu. It allowed designers to improve and expand knee room for rear passengers, and also elongate the center console. Finding it to be extremely useful, Chevrolet is looking to use the 3-D prototype process with future models as well.

So what are the pros and cons of using stereolithography? The number one advantage appears to be speed. Being able to quickly develop prototypes allows Chevrolet to adjust and redesign at a rapid pace, sometimes printing a piece within a day. One disadvantage is the price, since 3-D processing can be expensive. However, it is saving Chevy a great deal of money since clay modeling could be equally, if not more, expensive. Not to mention, the more popular that 3-D prototype processing becomes, cheaper options will be made available.

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